Family Law – Child Arrangement Orders

Child Custody Solicitor Services

If you and your partner are going through a separation or divorce and you have children, then inevitably they will be emotionally affected through changing circumstances. How will they take it? Who will have custody? Will they remain at the same school and will their education suffer? When will the other parent have access to see them? These are some of the many issues that may concern you on top of the stress of the break up.

Jennings Solicitors understand that these are sensitive issues and need to be dealt with carefully.

Our solicitors can support you and provide expert legal advice on any issues affect your children including:

Child Arrangement Orders such as:
– who the children should see and when (also known as ‘contact’)
– and where children should live (known as ‘residence’ in legal terms)
Foster Parent Adoption
Relocation matters
Financial claims for child maintenance, including for school fees and housing costs
Change of name, school and other specific circumstances

We can also give grandparents who may have concerns about access to their grandchildren expert advice based on our experience with:

Contact and residence (Child Arrangement Orders)
Adoption orders

Our Approach

Jennings Solicitors will initially mediate and negotiate as much as possible to attempt to find an agreement to satisfy your children’s needs. Rather than running everything through the courts this is usually the best way forward to minimise hostility between you and your partner and is ultimately in the best interests of the children.

However, sometimes it is not possible to mediate or negotiate and in these circumstances our solicitors can navigate through the court process and fight for the best possible outcome for you and your children.

This can be an anxious time for you and we will support and advise you and your children about what is likely to happen and how long things will take, with regular updates on progress.

Why Choose Jennings for Family Law Advice?

Our family law team specialise in providing expert advice in all areas of family law, including divorces and separations that affect children and domestic abuse:

We will explain the process clearly and keep you informed about what is happening at each stage
We provide cost effective solutions tailored to your situation and will provide clear information about costs, allowing you to manage your outgoings
All communication and support is confidential

Members of The Solicitors Family Law Association

Mrs Claire Smith, Head of the Family Law Department, is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association. This is an organisation of Family Law Solicitors which aims to promote fair and conciliatory solutions to the issues arising at times of family breakdowns or crisis. The code of practice relevant to the SFLA is prepared for solicitors and is designed to benefit you in the way the work is undertaken.

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