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Domestic Abuse Solicitor Services

If You are Suffering from Domestic Abuse and Violence? – We Can Help

Everyone has the right to live without fear for their safety, and if you are a victim of domestic violence it is important that you seek professional advice as soon as possible. If you’re in a relationship where you have been on the receiving end, our family law team can help you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Jennings Solicitors have a wealth of experience in this area with expert solicitors who will put your best interests first.

Take The First Step To Getting Support

Working with a solicitor you can trust is critical to achieving peace of mind and to move forward quickly. We can talk about your situation in confidence with you, and we will give you advice on the legal options available. If required we can help you to get a court order to protect you from further abuse and stop the abuser coming into your home or near you and your family. We will also refer you to other organisations that can offer support and advice.

We recognise the importance of dealing with domestic violence as quickly as possible so we will do everything we can to secure a speedy resolution. Our family law experts have helped many victims of domestic abuse over the years so you can be sure we understand that dealing with an abusive partner can be incredibly difficult which is why we offer sensitive, objective and practical legal assistance – tried and tested with a track record of success.

All communication and support from Jennings is completely confidential so you don’t need to worry about contacting us. Once we understand the facts regarding your situation, we will work as quickly and carefully as possible to safeguard you and your loved ones.

Why Choose Jennings for Family Law Advice?

Our family law team specialise in providing expert advice in all areas of family law, including divorces and separations that affect children and domestic abuse:

We will explain the process clearly and keep you informed about what is happening at each stage
We provide cost effective solutions tailored to your situation and will provide clear information about costs, allowing you to manage your outgoings
All communication and support is confidential

Members of The Solicitors Family Law Association

Mrs Claire Smith, Head of the Family Law Department, is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association. This is an organisation of Family Law Solicitors which aims to promote fair and conciliatory solutions to the issues arising at times of family breakdowns or crisis. The code of practice relevant to the SFLA is prepared for solicitors and is designed to benefit you in the way the work is undertaken.

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