Our Charges

Residential conveyancing

Our charges will be dependent upon the purchase or sale price of the property with our minimum fee being £400 plus VAT for properties up to £100,000.00. Where the price does not exceed £300,000.00 then our fees will be £600.00 plus VAT.

In addition there will be disbursements in connection with your sale such copies of your title from H M Land Registry which currently costs £3.00 per document. In connection with a purchase the disbursements will include environmental, coal authority, drainage and Local Authority searches which in Carmarthenshire currently cost approximately £255.00 although the actual cost will depend upon the geographical location of the property concerned. The search costs will include VAT where applicable.

In addition on a purchase you will have to pay Land Registry fees and this will be dependent upon the purchase price. Where you are purchasing property as a New Build from a Developer or are using the Help to Buy Scheme, Shared Equity or Affordable Housing then different fees will apply. Full details with regard to all the fees and disbursements you will incur will be fully listed in our client care letter which we will send to you at the outset of a transaction and which you will be required to sign before we undertake any work.

Where we are dealing with a Re-Mortgage not involving a purchase our charges will be £350.00 plus VAT and in addition you will have to pay the relevant search fees required by the Lender and the relevant Land Registry Fees, full details of which will be provided in our client care letter.

The fees we charge are fixed unless a transaction becomes particularly complex or difficult then we reserve the right to make further charges and in those circumstances we would discuss the matter with you beforehand.

We will submit all relevant searches and raise enquiries based on the documentation provided and instructions from you and we will investigate the title to the property. We will provide the necessary services required to conclude the transaction involving your sale or/and purchase and to advise you fully thereon.

If you are buying a Leasehold property or if the property is not registered at H M Land Registry then further charges will be incurred as you will have to supply information from the Management Company and the charge for this (which is payable to the Management Company) is usually in the region of £200 – £300. Additionally if you are purchasing a Leasehold properties there will be notice fees payable to the Landlord and the Management Company. We will charge extra for dealing with Leasehold properties.

You may be required in the event of a sale to supply a Defective Title Indemnity Policy which we can obtain from a third party and we will discuss the cost of the same with you.

It is difficult to estimate the timescale of a typical transaction but in general terms where there is a chain we would expect contracts to be exchanged within six to eight weeks with completion thereafter as agreed.

Uncontested Probate

Our charges for obtaining a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration only without administration of the Estate will be £500.00 plus VAT and the relevant Probate Registry Fee payable at the time of application. Currently the fee payable is £155.00. However, when dealing with high value estates and specifically where it becomes necessary to provide detailed information to the H M Revenue and Customs or where Inheritance is payable then additional charges will apply.

In addition to the above where we are instructed to deal with the administration of the estate we will charge on the basis of the hourly rate of the Fee Earner concerned for all work carried out in connection with the matter. In addition, we will make a charge of 1% of the value of the estate excluding any property and in respect of any property or land we will charge a fee of 0.5% of the value of the same.

We will provide the necessary services required to obtain Grant of Representation and deal with the administration of the estate and distribution of assets.

It is difficult to be precise but the average cost of dealing with the obtaining of a Grant of Representation (not complex or high value) and administration thereafter would be in the region of £3,000.00 to £6,000.00 exclusive of VAT and disbursements.

With regard to timescales it is totally dependent upon the complexity of the matter but in straight forward cased we would estimate that the administration could be completed within six to eight months. If we are only instructed to obtain the Grant of Representation it is dependent upon the time taken by the Probate Registry to complete the application once submitted and we would estimate a time period in the region of two months.


We provide advice and representation to employees in bringing a claim before an Employment Tribunal and to employers in defending a claim before an Employment Tribunal. The cost of our services will be dependent upon the complexity of the matter and the time spent by the Fee Earner in dealing with the dispute.

In the case of an employee we will provide advice following dismissal and the remedy available for a claim of unfair or wrongful dismissal. Before lodging a claim with the Employment Tribunal it is a requirement that the employee contact ACAS and undertake Early Conciliation which can in some cases provide a settlement of the claim for the employee. If the matter is concluded at this stage we would estimate that the average cost of dealing with the case will be in the region of £1,000.00 to £2,000.00.

If it becomes necessary to issue at Tribunal a charge will be made for the completion of the Application form ET1 and this will be on the basis of the time spent in completing the relevant information and setting out the basis of the claim. On average the cost would be in the region of £200.00 to £600.00(exclusive of Vat). In complex cases a Barrister may need to be instructed to draft the ET1 and a fee will be agreed before the work is undertaken. Again this will be dependent upon the complexity of the matter and the volume of documentation to be considered. The cost can range from £1,000,00 to £3,000.00 (exclusive of VAT).

Upon lodging the claim the Tribunal will set out directions to include providing disclosure of documents and witness statements which are dealt with prior to the matter being listed for a hearing. Again the cost of dealing with these directions will vary depending upon the complexity of the case and the documentation involved. Charges will be based on time spent and at the hourly rate charged by the relevant Fee Earner who has conduct of the case.

If the matter proceeds to a final hearing it is usual to employ the services of a Barrister and again a fee is agreed prior to the hearing. A Hearing is normally listed for one day but in complex cases can be over a period of two or even three days and the cost agreed with the Clerk to the Barrister will be based on the length of the Hearing and the time estimated by the Barrister which will be required to prepare the case.

The same applies whether we act for the employee in bringing the claim or the employer in defending any claim. Costs in Employment Tribunal cases are not recoverable from the party who loses at Tribunal.

Again it is difficult to give a firm estimate of charges in dealing with cases as it is very much dependent upon the facts of the case and the complexity of the matter. Also whether the case settles at an early stage or proceeds to a lengthy Hearing requiring representation. Costs for cases which do not settle and proceed to a final hearing can range from anywhere between £5,000.00 and £20,000.00.

Information regarding the qualification and experience of our Fee Earners who will be solely responsible for the day to day conduct of the transaction or your case can be found under the “Our Team” section on this website.