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Divorce Solicitor Services

If you Thinking about Separating or even Divorce? – We Can Help

If your relationship has broken down with no possibility of reconciliation and separation or divorce or is inevitable, then you will need expert guidance and representation to help you throughout this arduous process.

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved, particularly any children in the relationship and we encouraging people to reach agreement through mediation whenever possible. As well as the emotional anxiety there are often other tough decisions to be made relating to finances or children or maybe even a business, which in themselves can be extremely distressing.

If you are just looking to separate, we can help you to document a ‘separation agreement’. This outlines matters such as financial arrangements, and who the children should live with.

Take The First Step To Getting Support

Jennings Solicitors understand that family law matters are an extremely sensitive area and we can help clients through those difficult times solving issues in a structured yet supportive way, backed up with legal support in the most cost effective manner possible. We will present the options available to you in understandable terms, and work relentlessly to help get you the best possible solution appropriate for your circumstances.

All communication and support from Jennings is completely confidential so you don’t need to worry about contacting us.

Why Choose Jennings for Family Law Advice?

Our family law team specialise in providing expert advice in all areas of family law, including divorces and separations that affect children and domestic abuse:

We will explain the process clearly and keep you informed about what is happening at each stage
We provide cost effective solutions tailored to your situation and will provide clear information about costs, allowing you to manage your outgoings
All communication and support is confidential

Members of The Solicitors Family Law Association

Mrs Claire Smith, Head of the Family Law Department, is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association. This is an organisation of Family Law Solicitors which aims to promote fair and conciliatory solutions to the issues arising at times of family breakdowns or crisis. The code of practice relevant to the SFLA is prepared for solicitors and is designed to benefit you in the way the work is undertaken.

To discuss your situation in confidence and the suitability of a formal marital agreement contact us today...